Aims to generate a breakthrough in antigen-specific cellular therapy for type 1 diabetes, and validate a generic production process for a future clinical trial.


ARTiDe has received funding from the European Union’s Horizon Europe Research and Innovation programme under grant agreement 101080823.

Autoantigen-specific Regulatory T cell therapy against Type 1 Diabetes (ARTiDe) will make a unique contribution to the understanding of autoimmunity in humans and the development of antigen-specific immunotherapy. ARTiDe has the ambition to take the lead in the restoration of long-lasting immune tolerance in Type 1 Diabetes (T1D) patients, aiming to provide a cure for this disease.


children suffer type 1 diabetes in Europe

of type 1 diabetes annual growth. Over 20.000 new cases per year in Europe

of diabetes cases are type 1 diabetes

  • Type 1 diabetes as Immune-mediated inflammatory diseases experience considerable morbidity and mortality.
  • The pathology has no curative treatment



Regulatory T cells (Tregs) in immuno-therapeutic activities

Regulatory T cells (Tregs) are the central targets of immunotherapeutic activities.
They are the endogenous regulators of the immune system, with a unique power to inhibit unwanted immune responses.

Challenges in bringing autoreactive Tregs to patients

One of the main challenges to be overcome to bring autoreactive Tregs to patients is that there is no Good Manufacturing Practices (GMP) compliant process to produce T cell receptor (TCR)-engineered Tregs at the moment.


ARTiDe is born from a real synergy between academic and industrial partners. Combining new technologies and expertise in a production process puts the project in a unique position to overcome all the challenges on the way to a successful TCR-engineered Treg product. ARTiDe ultimate goal is to set-up a GMP-compliant autoreactive Treg production process allowing to launch a phase I clinical trial.

To reach its goal, ARTiDe will:

Identify an optimal T Cell Receptor in Type 1 diabetic patients

Establish a validated GMP compliant production process

Deliver the clinical study protocol for the phase I trial

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A #hybridinsulinpeptide, HIP9 (human equivalent of murine 2.5HIP), has been isolated. While its relevance in human disease is unclear, it is a potent ligand for the #diabetogenic BDC-2.5 clone. The #study also shows that the analogous CgA HIP is significantly associated with #T1D

Autologous polyclonal #Tregs, expanded in vitro, were tested for #type1diabetes #therapy. A phase 2 trial by Bender et al. found that a single dose doesn't alter T1D progression; Treg quality might be crucial.
#T1D #immunotherapy #celltherapy

When the antigen-specific TCRβs were looked into in a cohort of patients with new-onset #T1D compared with the controls, shared and frequent TCRβ sequences from those known to recognize insulin or other #βcell proteins and viral antigens were identified.

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